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“Waiting For The Angel” – features new songs composed by Renee Rosnes with lyrics by author David Hajdu

Author David Hajdu makes his songwriter debut recording, culminating a 5-year collaboration with esteemed multi-genre composers Renee Rosnes, Jill Sobule, Fred Hersch, and Michael Leonard. The album is a collection of quirky, artful songs that defy easy categorization and it features vocal performances by Jo Lawry, Karen Oberlin, Michael Winther and Jill Sobule. The five songs composed by Renee with lyrics by David, include the opening track, Who Do You Belong To?, and Suffer, Your Project, Donna the Astronomer, and the bonus track, Weren’t We In Love?

“Hajdu is as clever, witty and literate a lyricist as you are likely to hear these days. Whether he’s telling us about ‘Donna the Astronomer’ or Billy Strayhorn advising a whining Duke Ellington to just ‘suffer,’ he’s a lyricist like no other you’re used to right now.”
– Jeff Simon, Buffallo News

“Best Debut Album of the Year”
– Bob Blumenfeld, Jazz Critics’ Poll 2015

“Best Albums of the Year: Honorable Mention”
– Howard Mandel, President, Jazz Journalists Association

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