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Critical acclaim for BELOVED OF THE SKY

“Simply a superlative session that stimulates the senses on so many levels and provokes serious and rewarding listening for those willing to take the time.” — Notes on Jazz —

“With Beloved of the Sky, Rosnes demonstrates yet again that she is not only a top-tier post-bop composer, but also one of Canada’s greatest living jazz exports…It has sophistication to spare, both baked into its compositions and arrangements and in the sparkling, heat-of-the-moment improvising.” — Ottawa Citizen —

“She tosses cold splashes of harmony, sketches out little countermelodies at a downward angle, opens up pockets of silence.” — The New York Times

Beloved of the Sky is a courageous and outstanding album in its unique musical beauty and statement. Skill and imagination run through the music from start to finish.— Five Finger Review

“Few pianists are as scarily satisfying!” — The Times, London, UK

“Rosnes is showing signs of entering her own peak of creative powers as an impressive instrumentalist, a formidable composer and a leader in her own right.” — Notes on Jazz

“This mid-career achievement deserves the accolades that critics usually reserve for a female artist’s debut or eulogy. Rosnes always had the world at her fingertips; now she has the compositional skill and imagination to transport listeners.” — Michelle Mercer, Downbeat

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Renee Rosnes is a Steinway Artist