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BELOVED OF THE SKY release date April 6, 2018!

Come and celebrate the release of our new album at the Village Vanguard, April 3-8, 2018 – with Steve Nelson (3-7), Melissa Aldana (6-8), Peter Washington and Lenny White! Available on Double Vinyl LP, Deluxe 8-panel gatefold CD Digipak, and Hi-Res Download.

The worth of a thing is not only to be found in its bottom-line value. That’s the idea at the heart of Canadian artist Emily Carr’s painting “Scorned as Timber, Beloved of the Sky,” which depicts a solitary tree, rejected by loggers who have clear-cut its neighbors, stretching improbably but majestically into the heavens. It’s a sentiment that resonates deeply with pianist/composer Renee Rosnes. On her new album, Beloved of the Sky — which borrows its title and cover art from Carr’s painting — Rosnes explores the beauty and wonder to be found in life’s more elusive, intangible joys. The recording is a gorgeous yet defiant statement that aspires to the heavens while staying firmly rooted to the earth, bold and striking in its unique beauty.

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Renee Rosnes is a Steinway Artist