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Renee Rosnes Bio 2018



Press Quotes

“She clearly has the world at her own fingertips.”
The Village Voice

“The instrument was scarcely large enough to contain her imagination.”
The Globe and Mail

“If you looked closely, you would have sworn you saw steam rising from the piano at the Village Vanguard.”
The New York Sun

“Rosnes and company produce glorious, soulful and deep modern jazz that is firmly rooted in the tradition while showcasing a truly inspired original voice.”
The Times Colonist

“No rhythmic inflection went unexplored, harmonies within a tune kept changing, and the formal elements were simply signposts for the soloists…she’s a virtuoso, but a quiet one.”
New York Times

“Rosnes offers exquisite balances of delicacy and power, witty and weighted ideas, assertiveness and deference.”

“It was one of the more exciting entries any band had made at this festival, and the momentum never sagged for the rest of the concert.”
The Montreal Gazette

“Life On Earth is an important album, not just for Rosnes, but for jazz as a whole. With this recording, she makes a persuasive case for the music’s capacity to interface in meaningful creative fashion with elements of other musical cultures. Life On Earth is a musical mosaic shimmering with dazzling combinations of sound and rhythm on virtually every track.”
Los Angeles Times

“Rosnes is her own woman. An extended solo on the quartet’s opening night was breathtaking, both in concept and execution.”
San Francisco Examiner

“Rosnes combines a muscular forthright style with an awesome ability to navigate complex shoals of far-out freewheeling improvisations: a paradoxical amalgam of passion and precision.”
Winnipeg Sun

“Rosnes has carved out for herself a reputation as one of jazz’s new bright lights. She has impressed veterans of the bebop and free jazz wars with a crisp, uncluttered approach to improvisation that respects, but doesn’t genuflect to, the music of the past. Her exposure to a variety of artists has prodded her to develop a clear voice all her own.”
The Boston Globe

“An absolutely stunning achievement. Rosnes has grown and matured into one of the finest pianists in jazz. Her playing is inventive, complex and always illuminating.”
The Jazz Report

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Renee Rosnes is a Steinway Artist