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The self-titled debut album by ARTEMIS is out on vinyl! “A killer line-up of players, composer and performers who hail from all over the world… they all converge on this extremely cosmopolitan, sleek, rhythm-forward, modern sound.” - NPR
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ARTEMIS cover story! DownBeat | Sept. 2020

"If taken in isolation, each of these unique tracks stands as a glowing testament to the musical prowess of its champion. But taken together, they provide insight into how ARTEMIS balances the seemingly conflicting musical values of structure and freedom, stillness and movement, assertion and acquiescence." Suzanne Lorge, Downbeat Read DownBeat's cover story on ARTEMIS, Sept. 2020!
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Ron Carter: Live in Stockholm, Vol. 1 out now!

Ron Carter Foursight Quartet featuring Jimmy Greene, Renee Rosnes & Payton Crossley "With us, nobody knows exactly what happens when. This is precisely why every concert is a real challenge. We almost always play 35 to 40 minutes without a stop. No breaks, just slight changes that show the beginning of a new song. This kind of thing only works with this band! ...It's like giving a private concert in a living room, or we could be a chamber music ensemble that develops the power…
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