Renee Rosnes with The Danish Radio Big Band

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1. Ancestors (Rosnes/arr. Michael Mossman)
2. Bulldog’s Chicken Run (Rosnes/arr. Michael Mossman)
3. In This Moment (comp. & arr. by Jim McNeely)
4. Black Holes (Rosnes/arr. Jim McNeely)
5. Early One Morning (trad./arr. Rosnes)
6. Lament (JJ Johnson/arr. Vincent Nillsson)
7. Orion’s Belt (comp. & arr. by Rosnes)
8. The Quiet Earth (Rosnes/arr. Jim McNeely)

Directed and conducted by Jim McNeely
Renee Rosnes – piano
Anders “Chico” Lindvall – guitar
Thomas Ovesen – bass
Søren Frost – drums
Ethan Weisgaard – percussion
Saxes: Nicolai Schultz (lead alto), Michael Hove, Uffe Markussen, Bob Rockwell, Flemming Madsen
Trumpets: Anders Gustafsson (lead), Benny Rosenfeld, Thomas Kjaergaard, Henrik Bolberg, Thomas Fryland
Trombones: Vincent Nilsson (lead), Steen Hansen, Peter Jensen, Annette Huseby, Axel Windfield

This is easily Rosnes’ finest recorded achievement and raises the stakes for any who come after her and attempt to do the same thing. The album is a crystalline wonder of tight writing, exceptional playing, and painstaking attention to harmonic detail; it is a tapestry so varied and multidimensional in both conception and execution that it stands in a class by itself.

– Thom Jurek, All Music Guide

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Renee Rosnes is a Steinway Artist