SFJazz Collective Live 2008: Music of Wayne Shorter

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1. Armageddon (Wayne Shorter/arr. Miguel Zenon)
2. Aurora Borealis (Renee Rosnes)
3. Infant Eyes (Wayne Shorter/arr. Joe Lovano)
4. Go (Wayne Shorter/arr. Stefon Harris)
5. Breakthrough (Robin Eubanks)
6. Yes Or No (Wayne Shorter/arr. Eric Harland)

1. Secrets Of The Code (Dave Douglas)
2. El Gaucho (Wayne Shorter/arr. Matt Penman)
3. The Year 2008 (Eric Harland)
4. Diana (Wayne Shorter/arr. Renee Rosnes)
5. Black Nile (Wayne Shorter/arr. Robin Eubanks)

1. Frontline (Miguel Zenon)
2. The Angel’s Share (Matt Penman)
3. This, That and the Other (Joe Lovano)
4. The Road To Dharma (Stefon Harris)
7. Aung San Suu Kyi (Wayne Shorter/arr. Dave Douglas)
8. Footprints (Wayne Shorter/arr. Renee Rosnes)

Joe Lovano – tenor & soprano sax
Miguel Zenon – alto sax
Dave Douglas – trumpet
Robin Eubanks – trombone
Stefon Harris – vibes
Renee Rosnes – piano
Matt Penman – bass
Eric Harland – drums

“Modernity is the mantra of the SFJAZZ Collective.”
– NY Times

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